The Teachers


Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Tantra Teacher. She met Osho in India in 1973 and remained in his community for 26 years, receiving much personal guidance from him on the subject of Meditation and Tantra. She has been teaching Tantra and Holistic Healing since 1990.
Sarita is author of two books on Tantra, which are translated into many languages. She teaches a wide range of groups and trainings, including an Empowered Woman’s Training, a 7 level training for couples, The Tantra Teachers Training, The Tantra Meditation Retreat (working with the 112 methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra), and the Mystic Tantra Massage Training. Sarita also teaches  maximizing spirituality through sexual pleasure, using Tachyonized Tantra tools.


Dharmaraj offers sessions and groups in Europe, Asia, and USA. He is a Tantra Essence Teacher, ‘Elite Certified Tantra Educator’ with Source School of Tantra, Doctor of Dental Medicine, and Holistic Healer using a wide range of healing methods.